Mr Raoul Tajudeen

Bachelor’s Degree in Education |Teacher’s Diploma | Pursuing Msc in CounsellingPsychology| Teaching Luminary


Mr Raoul Tajudeen, also known as Mr Irwane is a distinguished presence within the revered precincts of General Education, celebrated for over two decades of unwavering commitment to the noble art of teaching. With a rich tapestry of educational experiences and qualifications, he stands as a venerable figure in the domains of pedagogy and educational philosophy.

Educational Journey

Mr Tajudeen embarked on his educational journey at the esteemed Corinth Teachers’ College in Trinidad, where he earned his Teachers’ Diploma, laying the foundation for his illustrious career in education. This auspicious beginning set the stage for his unwavering dedication to shaping young minds. His pursuit of excellence continued as he undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, characterized by minors in Language Arts and Behavioral Sciences, a testament to his comprehensive approach to education. His credentials were further fortified by the grant of a teacher’s license from the Ontario College of Teachers, Canada, solidifying his position as a distinguished educator.

Currently, Mr Tajudeen is in the midst of a transformative academic pursuit, completing his Master of Science in Counselling Psychology with a Specialization in School Counselling, a testament to his commitment to nurturing the holistic well-being of students.

Pedagogic Eminence

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Mr Raoul Tajudeen has imparted his wisdom and guidance to students across various grade levels, encompassing both lower and upper grades. His global footprint in the realm of education extends to both local and international contexts. For a significant eighteen years, he dedicated his expertise to the Ministry of Education in Trinidad. His commitment to nurturing young minds transcended borders, as he taught internationally in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Ningbo, China for an enriching period of five years.

Educational Philosophy

Mr Raoul Tajudeen educational philosophy is deeply rooted in his unwavering belief that learning is most effective when students are actively engaged in the learning process. He envisions the class teacher as a facilitator, guiding and supporting students on their educational journey. This student-centered approach places the learner at the heart of the educational experience, fostering curiosity and a genuine love for learning.
Furthermore, he firmly advocates for the indispensable role of parents in the educational process. Mr Raoul Tajudeen believes that parents play a pivotal role in reinforcing and supervising the content taught at school, creating a seamless bridge between the home and school environments to optimize a child's educational growth.

Passion and Mission

Mr Raoul Tajudeen exudes an unshakable passion for his mission within LPKReading Literacy. His vision extends to the promotion of literacy as the cornerstone of personal and societal growth. He firmly believes that
literacy is the key that unlocks the doors to knowledge and opportunity.

Within LPKReading Literacy, Mr Tajudeen also known as Mr Irwane, is dedicated to crafting innovative literacy programs, designing transformative curricula, and developing educational resources that engage students actively in the learning process. His aspiration is to instill a profound love for reading and language development in learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Mr Irwane envisions a future where every individual has access to quality education, guided by dedicated teachers, supported by engaged parents, and enriched by the treasures of literacy. His unwavering commitment to this cause, fortified by his extensive knowledge and experience, makes him an invaluable asset to LPKReading Literacy and a guiding light for the broader educational community.