• The Benefits of this Course

    Completing a systematic and explicit reading instruction course with LPKReading Literacy to become a reading strategist can offer numerous benefits to educators, online tutors, and homeschool parents. Here are ten highlights of the benefits they may receive or achieve:

    Enhanced Pedagogical Knowledge:

    Participants gain a deeper understanding of evidence-basedinstructional practices and strategies, equipping them with the tools to effectively teach reading skills.

    Targeted Instruction:

    Educators and tutors learn how to identify students' individual reading needs and tailor instruction accordingly, leading to more personalize learning experiences.

    Improved Reading Outcomes:

    With a solid foundation in systematic and explicit reading instruction, educators and tutors can help students achieve higher levels of reading proficiency and comprehension.

    Effective Intervention:

    The course equips participants with intervention techniques for struggling readers, enabling them to address reading difficulties proactively.

    Confidenceand Competence:

    Completing the course fosters a sense of confidence and competence among educators and tutors, enhancing their overall teaching abilities.

    Data-DrivenDecision Making:

    Participants learn to use data to inform their instructional decisions, ensuring a more data-driven and effective teaching approach.

    OnlineTutoring Skills:

    For online tutors, the course provides valuable insights into adapting systematic reading instruction to the virtual learning environment, enhancing their effectiveness in online sessions.


    The strategies learned in the course can be applied across various grade levels and subject areas, making participants more versatile educators.

    Parental Engagement:

    For homeschool parents, the course enables them to play a more active role in their child's reading development, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

    Professional Growth and Recognition:

    Completion of the course enhances the professional growth of educators and tutors, potentially leading to better career opportunities and recognition within the education community.

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    Our systematic and explicit reading instruction course equips educators, online
    tutors, and homeschool parents with the knowledge and skills to create a strong
    foundation for reading proficiency, leading to improved academic outcomes and a
    more enriched learning experience for students.