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    Our Goal & Mission

    Our mission at LPKReading Literacy is to empower educators, online tutors, and homeschool parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional reading instruction to young children aged 3-6 years. We are committed to equipping our learners with evidence-based strategies and techniques that foster early literacy development in all children, including those with special needs, typically developing children, and multilingual learners.


    Through our online course, "Systematicand Explicit Reading Instruction for Educators, Online Tutors, and Homeschool Parents," we aim to create a supportive community of educators who share a passion for nurturing young readers. By fostering a love for reading from an early age, we believe that we can positively impact children's lifelong learning journey.


    Our goal is to inspire educators to be confidentand proficient in their teaching, knowing they have the tools to guide young minds towards a brighter and more literate future. Join us in this mission and together let's ignite the joy of reading in children around the world.