Dr Myrna Ransome

Ph.D. in Educational Research and Evaluation | M.Ed. in Special and Inclusive Education | B.Sc. in BehavioralSciences | Assistant Professor at UTT | Education Philosopher


Dr. Myrna Ransome is a luminary within the sphere of education, renowned for her profound dedication to advancing literacy and educational excellence. Her illustrious career, marked by a stellar academic journey and extensive professional experience, positions her as an esteemed figure in educational philosophy and leadership.

Educational Odyssey

Dr. Ransome commenced her academic voyage at the venerable Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), USA, where she attained her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Evaluation. This distinguished achievement laid the cornerstone for her lifelong commitment to the advancement of educational practices.
Further enriching her educational prowess, she embarked on an academic sojourn to the University of Sheffield, England, where she obtained a Master of Education in Special and Inclusive Education. Her academic pursuits extend to her Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences, earned at Andrews University, USA. Dr. Ransome holds a treasure trove of diplomas in Primary Education, Technical Vocational Education, and Special Education, reflecting her dedication to a comprehensive and inclusive approach to learning.


Academic Excellence and Research

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), Dr. Myrna Ransome is making indelible contributions in the departments of Research and Special Needs Education. Her research interests encompass a spectrum of vital educational domains, including learning disabilities, mathematics education, technical-vocational education for workforce development, and sports management. Her scholarly pursuits are marked by a commitment to pioneering solutions and innovative approaches in these fields.

Pedagogic Prestige

Dr. Myrna Ransome has dedicated over four decades to teaching, an illustrious career that spans local, regional, and international levels, encompassing primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Her enduring commitment to imparting knowledge and nurturing young minds exemplifies her profound dedication to education. In addition to her academic endeavors, Dr. Ransome has served as a stalwart sports administrator for more than four decades, demonstrating her versatility and leadership prowess beyond the classroom.

Educational Ethos

Her educational philosophy is an embodiment of her lifelong passion for learning and her unwavering commitment to societal advancement through literacy and education. She ardently believes that education should be a transformative journey that empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. Dr. Myrna Ransome champions a student-centered approach, prioritizing personalized learning and holistic development.

Her unwavering advocacy for inclusive education underscores her commitment to ensuring that every student, regardless of their abilities or challenges, enjoys equitable access to high-quality education. Her influential work in the realm of special education serves as a testament to her steadfast dedication to creating inclusive learning environments.

Passion and Mission 

Dr. Myrna Ransome radiates a fervent passion for her mission with LPKReading Literacy. Her vision is nothing short of eradicating illiteracy and fostering a culture of perpetual learning and reading. She firmly believes that literacy forms the bedrock of personal and societal growth. Within LPKReading Literacy, Dr. Ransome is dedicated to crafting innovative literacy programs, designing transformative curricula, and developing educational resources tailored to the diverse needs of learners. Her aspiration is to instill a profound love for reading and nurture language development in individuals across all age groups and backgrounds.

Dr. Myrna Ransome envisions a future where every individual possesses the tools and opportunities to unlock their fullest potential through literacy. Her steadfast commitment to this cause, fortified by her extensive knowledge and experience, renders her an invaluable asset to LPKReading Literacy and a radiant beacon of hope for the broader educational community.